Monthly Archives: December 2012

Kyokushin NB Christmas Party

Sensei Johnny LeBlanc invited his students and their families to the first annual Christmas Party that was held Sunday the 9th of december.

Thanks to Debbie LeBlanc who was in charge of organizing the event and thanks to all of the parents and volunteer who helped bringing food, decor, music, technological help, etc.; it was a complete success.

Sensei Johnny had a surprise for Team NB who went to Montreal: Robert Goguen, member of parliament sent achievement award cards¬† to congratulate the team’s outstanding performance at the Eastern Canadian Championships (14 wins out of 18) Each member received an individual message of congratulation that was presented by Sensei.

We had the chance to view some awesome fights videos of Chrysat, and even some of Sensei Johnny. Sensei Johnny had a special guest, Sensei Ron Cormier who was his original Kyokushin Instructor when he first joined karate in 1982.

Sensei Ron Cormier who is famous for his breaks and special tricks, gave us a show of techniques involving various kinds of vegetables coupled with a serious dose of dexterity and dose of courage from the volunteers… hehe (Danny) It was a great treat to watch the master in action. We also had the chance to witness a baseball bat break by Sensei Johnny. Both also gave the audience great kata demonstrations.

It was really nice to hear all the little anecdotes that Sensei Johnny shared with us about his years training karate with Sensei Ron and afterwards with Sensei Tats Nakamura in Vancouver.

Thanks to all who came and participated!